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Positive, powerful, practical strategies to improve and enrich your life.


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  • Do you sometimes feel stressed or anxious?

  • Is your critical self ruling the show?

  • Do you struggle with perfectionism or procrastination?

  • Do you want to be truly present in your own life?

  • Do you want to be on your true path and following your passion?


If you answered YES to any of these questions I have strategies to help!

I help women who are successful in many areas of their lives, yet continually struggle to live their values and harness their strengths, define and follow their life purpose. Through self-exploration I will teach you to master your mindset, overcome your limitations and to become ‘fear less’ in the pursuit of creating your best life. I will guide you to find your true calling, unleash your power and to take action to achieve your dreams. 

If you are tired of struggling on your own and going around the same circle, if you think it's Time2Flourish® in your life, then reach out and book your free 30 minute consultation now.


After a very successful career I was made redundant from a position and company that I loved. This forced me to take stock of my life and to re-evaluate what was truly important.

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I offer one on one coaching, mentoring and group workshops in a supportive, safe, non-judgemental environment. I am also available for motivational speaking engagements. If you think it's Time2Flourish® contact me for a confidential chat to see how I can help.

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My passion for photography is just that..  A simple passionate pleasure. Please enjoy a few of my happy snaps.

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