Positive psychology coaching

Begin your coaching journey with Time2Flourish® by learning how to implement the scientifically tested strategies and interventions of positive psychology. I will give you the tools to improve the quality of your life. Learn to engage with your strengths, strengthen your relationships, experience flow, find meaning and increase your wellbeing. The life you have imagined starts here.

I believe the keys to personal transformation are to embrace change, act with courage, take responsibility, have faith, work hard and to cultivate realistic optimism. Through a one-on-one coaching partnership and non-judgemental guidance and support, I will show you how to unlock your potential, achieve your goals and truly flourish.

I offer private coaching, mentoring and group workshops in a supportive and safe environment. If you think it is Time2Flourish® personally or within your organisation, contact me for a confidential chat on how positive psychology strategies and interventions can help.

What is positive psychology coaching?

Positive psychology coaching incorporates strategies, techniques and interventions that have evolved from the psychological study of what makes life worth living.

The PERMA model

This is a framework that provides structure to the relationship between the coach and client. The aim of coaching is to establish a collaborative partnership which evaluates where your life is, where you want it to be and provides you with the tools to build positive, fulfilling relationships with engagement and meaning. Coaching can have life changing effects with a dynamic focus on the present and future.

Using the PERMA framework, I help you to recognise, challenge and ultimately overcome the self-limiting beliefs and attitudes which are inhibiting and preventing you from flourishing. Coaching sessions consist of personal and challenging reflections and meaningful interventions with a focus on self-responsibility and empowerment. I guide you to clarify, articulate and achieve your goals.

Why should you hire me as your coach?

My ability to bring out your optimal potential remains my greatest asset as your coach. My only focus during our sessions is how I can help you to improve your wellbeing and confidence. I will help you create a future in which you achieve your fullest potential.

Coaching consists of:

  • Honestly evaluating where you are in your life now
  • Openly and honestly clarify your goals and creating an action plan to achieve them
  • Developing skills and strategies to overcome self limiting beliefs and behaviour
  • Empowering you to take self-responsibility with courage and conviction so you can embrace the steps necessary to move your life from languishing to flourishing
  • Supporting you as you increase your self-confidence and belief in your ability to achieve your goals and transform your life.

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What is the Coaching Process?

Step 1: Consultation (30 min. phone/Skype consult)

The initial consultation is free. I offer this service to ensure coaching will be applicable to your needs, motivation and goals. I also want to ensure that we are a good match. I like to work with clients that will benefit from my coaching style, who have a commitment to themselves and are motivated to explore the discipline of positive psychology. Knowing we are a suitable fit before commencing a coaching partnership is of the utmost importance to me. As it is my life's purpose to help others improve their wellbeing through the application of positive psychology, I want to ensure I can help you succeed!

At this time we will discuss details such as the number of sessions and frequency, as well as determine your preferred payment method and reserve your first session time.

Step 2: What to expect

Many people are worried that they will not have enough to talk about during their sessions. This is quite common, so you don't need to worry. My job is to manage the flow of our sessions and to guide you to evaluate where you are in your life now, help you to establish the primary issues you would like to work through and also to build a profile of your strengths and goals that will map your coaching journey. You will be amazed at how quickly the time will fly!  This is a time of exploration and there will be plenty to do. Prior to the first coaching session you will complete the online VIA Strengths and Virtues questionnaire. Please follow this link to the VIA Survey of Strengths and Virtues. Download the 24 Character Strengths PDF here.

Step 3: Let's begin - the path to wellbeing

During Session One we will evaluate and assess together, the challenges you are facing, your strengths and the 'toolkit of resources' you are currently using in your life. We will then focus on the PERMA model and you will decide on the areas of focus and importance to you. This will form the basis of our plan moving forward. We will start from wherever you are in your journey today, regardless of whether you are clear or unsure of the direction you want to go. Honestly evaluating where you are in your life and taking self responsibility will be central to mapping a path to your future best self.

Step 4: Moving forward

Our next sessions will focus on leveraging your strengths and defining future actions. Alignment of personal values with these actions is a key part of this process.

What are the coaching fees?

All coaching fees are prepaid at least one week prior to each session in order to reserve your preferred time. Payments can be made via direct debit or PayPal.

Packages are offered at a discounted rate. Packages page.

What are the policies?

Cancellations: 24 hours notice is required in order to transfer your session fee to your next appointment.

Confidentiality: Everything we discuss is strictly confidential. The only exception would be if someone's personal safety was in danger.

Prepaid sessions are valid for a period of up to 2 years depending on the package chosen. Prepaid session packages are non refundable.

Although coaching has many benefits and has been shown to improve wellbeing and your ability to flourish, it is not considered to be therapy. If during the course of our sessions there is indication that therapy is needed, a recommendation will be made for you to seek professional help from a psychologist or psychiatrist to ensure you receive the best possible care.

Time2Flourish® is located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.  I offer worldwide coaching and mentoring via telephone & Skype. I also offer private, individual sessions in person at our Caloundra office by arrangement. If you are ready to begin, would like to book your free consultation or find out more about coaching, contact me here.

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